05 October

Partnership with Nintex

Written by Admin

Ebiz and Nintex establish a partnership. Nintex is an Australian company by acting as a principle with the product of Workflow Automation solution. With this solution will help the company to do automation process with not dependent with human interaction if they are not available. Workflow automation can power your business and drive your success, by using workflow automation you will reducing time consuming, manual process, increase accuracy, and could define specified workflows in every department or division of your organization such as Human Resources, Finance, Sales and Marketing, etc.

The configuration of the workflow is simple, parameterized, and easy to use. Ebiz and Nintex believe this is a strategic partnership and will bring benefit for both parties with Nintex product it’s already used by big company around the world for supporting their business and operational. Even though many competitors of this product but we believe we can compete with other competitors in Indonesia with some advantages owned by Nintex especially in price and features.